African, European, Indian and American, the cultural origins of Guadeloupe are multiple and diverse. Today, this mixed culture proudly bears this unique identity. From architecture to cultural events, from gastronomy to music, Guadeloupe proudly displays to visitors this unique, endearing and fascinating face.

Land under influence, Guadeloupe is holder of a multiple identity, carrier of a society in full mutation, with contributions constantly renewed. We can discover many facets of Guadeloupe, everything depends on the skylight that we open.

Then revive Indian rites, African memory or quadrille settlers of the 17th century. This is probably what attracts lovers of the archipelago who come and come back to put their bags for good.

Of course, the Guadeloupe culture is more in the street than in museums. His literature, his music, his painting, his craft industry raise sides, open eyes on a complex and exciting reality. So stretch out your ears, sharpen your senses, open your heart and you will catch a few features of this endearing universe.

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