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Terre de Blues in Marie-Galante

Every year, for over than 14 years, the Marie-Galante island moves to the rhythm of its international music festival. As one of the Caribbean’s major cultural events, Terre de Blues (“Land of Blues”) attracts music lovers from near and far. Big names in the blues scene (from the French West Indies as well as the United States [...]

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Festival of Women Cook

For the past 90 years in the Guadeloupe Islands, la fête des cuisinières (Festival of Women Cook) fills the streets of Pointe-à-Pitre with flavours, rhythms and colours. It was created in honour of Saint-Laurent, Patron of cooks, who was burned alive for refusing to give church property to the State. Cooks parade with their finest traditional jewellery, [...]

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The Gwoka Festival

  Each year since 1987, the city of Sainte-Anne hosts the Gwoka Festival, an incredible musical event which represents the Guadeloupe identity. Percussionists and dancers share a moment of celebration promoting Guadeloupean creativity and the diversity of Creole culture. The Gwoka, traditional art of the Guadeloupe Islands, was entered on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List [...]

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Nwèl Kakado

Until December 24th, come and sing Christmas carols and taste Kakado (crayfish), the ancestral tradition of the Guadeloupe Islands! Christmas Kakado is undoubtedly one of the most popular events during the holidays. The approach of Christmas is celebrated in song every night during the weekend in most villages around the Kakado nurseries. The Kakado, small [...]

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îloJazz Festival 2014

ILOJAZZ FESTIVAL IN POINTE-À-PITRE From December 8th to the 14th with Cap Excellence come discover and rediscover Jazz’s greatest names to îloJazz’s rhythm. As every year in the Guadeloupe Islands for the last twenty years, the month of December will be dedicated to Jazz with the return of îloJazz Festival, which is now in its [...]

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All Saints’ Day

People from Guadeloupe come together to commemorate their dearly departed with finesse and beauty. A truly captivating moment! On the Guadeloupe Islands, November 1 and 2 are a time for reflection, encounters and exchange. Come and admire thelit, flower-strewn tombs during the All Saints’ Day celebrations. Experience the Guadeloupe Islands differently… This is an important [...]

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The 2014 Guadeloupe Carnival

The 2014 Guadeloupe Carnival…in a different way The Guadeloupe Carnival is what you could call a strong Creole culture symbol. Traditionally held from January 5 to Ash Wednesday (March 5). On the whole, celebrations stretch over a two-month period during which disguised groups of Guadeloupians, on foot or using highly-colored and decorated floats, will parade [...]

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The Regional and International Guadeloupe Film Festival 2014

The Regional and International Guadeloupe Film Festival is a great opportunity to travel without moving because of the magic of images. The 20th edition of FEMI, the Regional and International Film Festival of Guadeloupe will be held from January 30 to February 8, 2014. Initiated in 1992 by two inspired women from Guadeloupe, this festival [...]

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Guadeloupe Story at Fort Louis Delgrès

Fort Louis Delgrès—Guadeloupe’s historical Mecca—towers over Basse-Terre, the island’s oldest city (founded in 1643). Formerly Fort Royal, Fort Richepance, and Fort Saint-Charles, the fortification was declared a National Historic monument in 1977. Take a self-guided tour of the Fort and museum, or show up on a Friday when the tour guides are imparting their vast [...]

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What to expect in Guadeloupe? Smiles and laughter…

The moment you arrive in Guadeloupe (or Karukera, in Creole), you’ll feel it – life is good. Laughing, good moods, and an easy-going approach to life reigns everywhere. People are friendly and cheerful as you’re greeted with a smiling ‘Ka ò fe’! (Hello in Creole).   The key to a good vacation? Meeting the people. [...]

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