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Guadeloupe’s lively blend of cultures and its wide variety of tropical spices have given rise to an extraordinary cuisine that shows up at fine Creole restaurants and stands selling bokit (a fried-dough sandwich unique to the region).

As one would suspect, seafood abounds in Guadeloupe—in fact, the islands boast the world’s secondhighest fish consumption per capita. Fish court bouillon, clam blaff, grilled crayfish, and conch stew are just a few of the succulent seafood dishes you can sink your teeth into.

With over a third of the land devoted to agriculture, farm-fresh ingredients have also become a staple in Guadeloupe. In fact, with so many locals growing their own fruit and vegetables, the islanders were eating organic long before it became trendy. The classics are always served in generous portions to be enjoyed with family or at holiday celebrations.

Guadeloupe Cuisine

No trip to Guadeloupe would be complete without partaking of the local specialties. For a sneak peek of the spicy, colourful diversity of Creole cuisine, check out these must-have recipes:



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