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The grass is always greener in Guadeloupe, literally. If there’s one colour that sums up Basse-Terre, it’s green. Or rather greens, as the ever-changing light seems caught up in a play of colours with the thousands of plant species. Tree ferns, epiphytes (air plants), balisiers (an exquisite flowering plant with leaves like those of the banana tree), and exotic orchids all vie for your attention. There’s no doubt about it, plein air artists in Guadeloupe are bound to use bolder tones.

The cool, acrid smell of the volcanic soil is just as haunting as the bright colours. The roar of forest waterfalls and the gentle rippling of pristine rivers add the final touches to this dreamlike landscape.

The island is perfect for outdoor activities, such as strolling, exploring canyons, ATVing, hiking, or trekking. So go ahead, immerse yourself in nature.


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