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The islands of Guadeloupe are without a doubt one of the most beautiful locations for water sports.

Caressed by the trade winds and warmed year round by an endless tropical sun, washed on the East by the surging Atlantic and bathed on the West by the balmy Caribbean, the Guadeloupe archipelago is a true paradise.

The Caribbean Sea, with its stunning palette of blues, is ideal for a raft of exhilarating water sports—one visit just isn’t enough to do it all.

Stretch out on the sand with your toes in the water, skim the waves on a Jet Ski, discover coral reefs and sea sponges in the deep blue yonder, watch the wind swell your sails under a cloudless sky, learn some fun facts at the Grand Cul-de-Sac Marin nature reserve, sail a catamaran in search of white, sandy beaches…


Aquatic adventures await you!


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